UMT Card Manager Latest Version 2024 Download

UMT Card Manager Latest Version

Today This article explains how UMT Card Manager can upgrade the firmware on your UMT smart card and provide you with a new card counter. To verify your UMT FW version & other settings, download the latest version single portable exe.

The newest Qualcomm and MTK smartphones, including those from OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many other companies, may be unlocked, formatted, and repaired using UMT Dongle, a simple application. This device requires a smartcard for authentication and has a 1-year and 2-year activation cycle. The main tools included with UMT Dongle PRO are QcFire, UMT FRP Tool, Ultimate MTK Tool, and SPRD Tool, and updating these necessitates using a newer version of card firmware. Update your card’s firmware because of this.

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Team Ultimate Multi-Tool modifies smartcard firmware. To manage your UMT Dongle Card, use UMT_Card_Manager. Card Manager allows these tasks.

  • Get Card info
  • Update Card Firmware
  • Update Card Counter
  • Update EMMC Activation

Download UMT Card Manager Latest Version 2024

If you would like to get the UMT Card Manager, please click on the link below:

Compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 [32/64bit]

Download LinkSoftware Details

Important: Always remember to create a backup of your data before making any changes.

How to Update UMT Card Manager Firmware

  • First, make sure no other gadgets or smartcard readers are connected, then plug in the UMT Dongle, and then launch the Card Manager.exe
  • Make sure you have a fast internet connection.
  • Once the card’s information has been successfully updated, click the “Update Card Firmare” button, and then the “Update Counter” button.
  • Then, You have completed the upgrade of the Smarcard firmware successfully.
  • That’s it.

I’m hoping the UMT Card Manager was successfully update. Feel free to must be leave comments.

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